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You Deserve the Best Locksmith in San Francisco

Looking for a locksmith in San Francisco, CA, might be one of the most crucial things you do. These experts are able to examine your locks, determine the problem you’re having, and help you solve it.

We understand finding the best locksmith to help you in the process is ideal, but we also know that you might not know how to spot the best professionals.

There are many options for a professional locksmith or auto locksmith services in the San Francisco, CA area, so having access to the best alternatives is very convenient, especially if you need help fast.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed at all times with our company. We offer San Francisco's preferred locksmith services, so you should call us if you're in need of the best professionals around.

This city is our home too, trust a local expert - we love San Francisco as much as you do, so we understand the importance of being safe while you're here. Your safety is our priority, so give us a call.

This city is our home too, trust a local expert – we love San Francisco as much as you do, so we understand the importance of being safe while you’re here. Your safety is our priority, so give us a call.

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We offer top-notch locksmith services in San Francisco, so we provide you with some of the best professionals around.

At the same time, our prices are affordable, so we stand out from the competition because we guarantee customer satisfaction while still giving you options you can pay for.

I.D Services 24/7 – Locksmith San Fransisco is a local company based in San Francisco. We provide a wide range of locksmith services from a lockout service, lock change to car key replacement. Our technician is trained and experienced with all your needs. We specialize in Automotive, Residential, Commercial and Emergency locksmith services. Our services are mobile-only and will be provided in San Fransisco and the surrounding areas. We know how frustrating it can be to need a locksmith service, rather you got locked out or just need a new key for your vehicle. We here to help you in the best possible way to help with your frustration situation to be fast and easy to manage. Once we receive your call our professional locksmith technician will be sent out to your location and will be committing to quick arrival time a. I.D Services 24/7 proudly guarantees customer excellence and satisfaction with our quality of our work performance as well as our commitment to outstanding results with the best customer service.

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Mobile Locksmith Services in San Francisco

We know how crucial your locks are to you. Being safe is essential if you live in
San Francisco, so spotting the best mobile locksmith service you can find is very important.
As a trustworthy company, our mobile locksmith services are one of the top options you can rely on if you need to. You never need to worry about us
showing up late, overcharging you, or not understanding what you’re going through – we know.
Since we understand very well how essential your locks are for your safety, we make sure that we work with the best ethical and professional methods. Your comfort and protection are our number one priority, and those are two things that shine through our work.
A car locksmith service doesn’t work if it can get to you when you most need it. Therefore, we provide you with mobile locksmith options, so that our experts can quickly aid you if you’re in need of help.
Regardless of where you’re located, our mobile locksmith professionals can get to you, even in the most remote spots.

We Offer Car Locksmith Solutions in San Francisco

Since we are San Francisco locksmiths, we quickly attend to calls of people in need. Regardless of where you're located, we can get to you and come to your aid. All of our automotive locksmiths are top-notch professionals and experienced in what they do, which is why we can guarantee the quality of our results. It doesn't matter if you need car key replacement services or if you just have a question to ask - we are here to help! When looking for an auto locksmith or a locksmith for cars, you might go online and search 'auto locksmith near me' or 'car locksmith near me.' Even so, how can you tell which company offers convenient services? We know that finding a car locksmith is essential if you need key duplication services or anything else related to your car key, for example, car key replacement. Thus, we are here to give you the best options! Numerous people and families are quickly learning that hiring an auto locksmith company is crucial in many instances, such as when you have any issues with your car keys, need a replacement, etc. However, finding the best ones might still be challenging, and this is what we're for - we're top-notch experts in the San Francisco, CA area!

Automotive Locksmith Services

The best locksmith in San Francisco is not necessarily the company that offers the most expensive services. Instead, you should find one that gives you what you need and takes your necessities seriously, which is exactly what we do. Every person on our team is a licensed San Francisco locksmith and we never accept inexperienced or unprofessional people. Instead, we offer you the best that locksmith companies can give you.

Car Key Replacement Service in San Francisco

One of the best ways to tell if a company offers high-quality services is by taking a look at the results clients get, and seeing what comments they have in terms of customer satisfaction. At I.D. Locksmith Services - Locksmith San Francisco, our purpose is to provide you with top-notch professionals each time you need locksmith services. Our car key locksmith experts can help you with your ignition keys, key makers, key cutting, key replacement, car key programming, transponder keys, push-to-start keys, fob key, remote keys, and even aid you if you need a new car key made. Additionally, we can also help replace lost car keys if you need to. As you can see, our car locksmith professionals are very versatile!

Auto Locksmith Services

As was mentioned before, our technicians are versatile and we offer various services. Our professionals are some of the best car locksmiths in the San Francisco Bay area, so hiring us can never be the wrong choice.

Looking for Cheap Locksmiths in San Francisco?

As we mentioned before, to get the best locksmith service, you don’t necessarily need to pay a lot of money.

We offer you affordable locksmith options and we understand what you’re going through, so you should never hesitate to call us if you’re in need and searching ‘ cheap locksmith near me.

Having problems with your car key, needing an emergency locksmith service, or requiring help from a professional in the San Francisco, CA area might mean you need to invest some money in the experts you’re hiring.

However, you don’t have to spend an over-the-top budget on this. We offer standard locksmith services and many other options, and our prices are very affordable

25 Year Experience

Commercial Locksmith Services in the Area of San Francisco

Getting commercial locksmith services is essential for any person, especially if you run a business and want to make sure that all your locks are safe. A business locksmith can help you, but only if they come from a professional locksmith company like ours. We can assist you if you have problems with high-security keys, high-security locks, entry doors, your master key, push bar, panic bar, keys, pads, your lock, electronic door openers, or electromagnetic locks. Top professionals to help you with your commercial lockouts are what you need, and that's exactly what we offer you. Stop worrying about not finding the commercial locksmith you require in the San Francisco, CA area - our company can help you if you contact us. Commercial locksmith services are crucial to guarantee your business keeps running, and I.D. Locksmith Services - Locksmith San Francisco is the ideal company you're looking for

Car Key Replacement Service in San Francisco

One of the best ways to tell if a company offers high-quality services is by taking a look at the results clients get, and seeing what comments they have in terms of customer satisfaction. At I.D. Locksmith Services - Locksmith San Francisco, our purpose is to provide you with top-notch professionals each time you need locksmith services. Our car key locksmith experts can help you with your ignition keys, key makers, key cutting, key replacement, car key programming, transponder keys, push-to-start keys, fob key, remote keys, and even aid you if you need a new car key made.

San Francisco Residential Locksmith Services

Working with broken key extraction, locked doors, entry doors, home security, residential lockouts, and rekey locks are just some of the issues you might have at home.

Fortunately, top-notch residential locksmith alternatives are what we offer for your door unlock process. We prioritize your safety and comfort, so we have the best professionals you might need.
Whether you need a car key replacement or a specialized locksmith service to manage your residential issues, I.D. Locksmith Services – Locksmith San Francisco is here to help you.

A house locksmith is the ideal professional to assess the locks you have at home and determine any issues you might haven’t noticed. Additionally, they can solve these problems and we offer the best experts, so why not give us a call?

Emergency Locksmith Services - Your Local 24-hour Locksmith

If you're in an emergency and you leave your keys inside your car or it breaks in the lock, you might be even more terrified. However, with the right professionals, you don't need to be afraid because you can call them and they come to your aid. At I.D. Locksmith Services - Locksmith San Francisco, we offer some of the best emergency locksmith alternatives you might find. Our 24-hour emergency locksmith professionals are ready to come to your aid regardless of when you need them and where you are. A 24-hour locksmith is what you need whenever you're in trouble. If you require a 24/7 emergency locksmith, don't hesitate to contact us - our team is ready to come to you. Just because you've never needed a 24/7 locksmith doesn't mean you never will. You can't predict emergencies, so give us a call if you ever need anything.

Locked Out? Locked Keys in Car or Home? Our Locksmiths Have the Solution - Unlock Service

If you need professional emergency locksmith services, you're probably going through a crucial problem. Some people, for example, left their keys locked in a car, need help with their trunk unlock, car unlock, and so on. Going through a car lockout means the person might require a specialized unlock service or lockout service. Thus, you may need experts to help you with emergency opening alternatives if you want to get your vehicle back. When you're in need of an emergency lockout because you locked keys in your car, you need to unlock the car in question, and only professionals might be able to do this. Emergency unlock services and a simple lockout service are two alternatives we offer if you require help. Our team of professional technicians can aid you regardless of what you're going through, so you don't need to fear.

Car Key Duplication Service

There are many different types of locksmith service alternatives you might need, and only top-notch companies like ours can offer you such variety when it comes to the options you have available.

Consequently, if you hire others, you might only have emergency locksmith services, a commercial locksmith service, or the option to get help with your car keys replacement.

However, with us, you get much more than that. In the category of car keys, for example, we can help with key cutting, key duplication, and key making, and we’re even able to aid you to copy a key if that’s what you need.

Need an Estimate and Don't Know How Much Locksmiths Cost or Locksmiths' Prices?

Sometimes you might wonder ‘how much does a locksmith cost,’ but the process is not straightforward. Many companies don’t have price charts on their websites, and once you contact the team, you might not get an answer right away.


Locksmith prices can vary, but what we can say is that the most expensive companies are not always the best ones, and we are a living example of that. Our locksmith cost is affordable, so we might be the ideal solution if you need fantastic professionals with services that can fit your budget.

I.D Locksmith Services Locksmith San Francisco and surrounding cities

At our company, we know that you might be looking for ‘locksmith SF,’ ‘locksmith San Francisco,’ and ‘locksmith near me’ online. Our local locksmith professionals are able to help you, so call as soon as you can.

San Francisco locksmith experts are not everywhere, and you should definitely learn to identify the best ones. The nearest locksmith might not be the most convenient option for you, and that’s why you should contact us.
Locksmith services are crucial whenever you have issues with your car key or similar problems. At the same time, a locksmith company is the best alternative to call.

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What People Think About us

We’re proud of the work we do and our staff teams work hard to deliver services that make a big difference to the lives of the people we care about their safety and security. 
William Allen
William Allen
The lockouts for my coffee shop were constructed and they did a fantastic job. Because of the excellent results I obtained, I would suggest them without reservation.
Elizabeth Cunningham
Elizabeth Cunningham
The help I received was exceptional. I used to worry a lot about the security of the locks on my doors. When I realized I needed help, I contacted a locksmith in the area who was able to resolve the issue. In addition to swiftly fixing the issue, he ensured that the locks will continue to function properly. Get in touch with him if you find yourself locked out.
Chester Mitchell
Chester Mitchell
To get our confidence restored, we had the locks on our vehicles changed by a reliable car locksmith in the area. He was responsive, pleasant, and helpful (no question was too dumb for him to answer), and he was extremely well-versed in the subject of where to purchase locks and how to use them effectively. It is strongly advised that you get in touch with these experts.
Toby Johnson
Toby Johnson
Prompt and pleasant service. I was able to get my locks fixed instead of replaced, which was a huge money saver. Good locksmith service at a reasonable price. Definitely something I'd tell my friends and family about.
Alfred Hunter
Alfred Hunter
My sliding glass door lock was broken, so I called a local locksmith, and they came out, installed a new lock, and made me copies of the keys. As a possible approach to the one-of-a-kind problem, he suggested many options. He was a joy to work with because he was reliable, thorough, and efficient.
Kristopher Macpherson
Kristopher Macpherson
The auto locksmith in my area was the only one who could help me get into my car, and for that I am eternally grateful. This guy went out of their way to help me and performed an excellent job. Many thanks for the excellent assistance and service you provided today.
Lou McCabe
Lou McCabe
These Local Locksmith was great! I called them up and they came out the same day to make a key for my car. They were very helpful and did a lot more than expected for me.
Luis Ellis
Luis Ellis
I called the affordable locksmith last week to get a new key made. He was able to get me a key in less than 30 minutes and even offered an additional security product, which I ended up getting. I wasn't really expecting this level of service at such a competitive price! The locksmith was very kind and professional.
Andrew Elder
Andrew Elder
After a day on the highway, we got home to find the door locked and no one home. Even though it was well beyond normal business hours, the licensed locksmith arrived promptly and had little trouble opening the door to our house. Thanks!
Brandi Anderson
Brandi Anderson
Today, I needed immediate assistance with my window locks, dead locks, and sliding door lock, so I called a 24-hour locksmith service. He arrived quickly and rectified the problem at a fee that was easy on the wallet. I would strongly suggest this company because of his professionalism and efficiency. Thanks

Our Professional San Francisco Locksmith Team Will Make Sure You Get the Highest Level of Lock Installation or Lock Repair

If your key broke in the lock, you need a lock replacement, lock change, lock installation, or lock repair services, we’re here to help you.
With top-notch professionals – we can’t emphasize this enough – our team is ready for whatever you require. Regardless of whether it is your new locks’ installation or the replacement of some old ones, our experienced experts are some of the best ones in the San Francisco Bay area, so you should contact us if you want to keep your property safe.
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